Our Story

Communities in Western Mexico have been rallying around paletas for generations. City centers are devoted to paletas. Cherished family memories revolve around paletas. They are serious about their pops...and we are, too!

Our founders have searched the country (and beyond) to bring to you a truly authentic - yet totally innovative - paleta experience. We have found that paletas are all about family. All about fun. And certainly all about flavor. So that's what we strive to bring you with every taste you take.

The Pop Shop is a bold new take on the classic paleta. Uning only natural, organic ingredients, we create the most mind-blowing, mouth-watering, super-flavorful paletas you have ever experienced. With unexpected seasonal flavor-fusions, modernized favorites and rebellious adult-rated options, The Pop Shop has a unique pop for anyone craving something cutting-edge.

So drop in, choose a flavor or two, and enjoy our one-of-a-kind paletas.

They're popsicles...reimagined.